In this episode, Devi chats with iKE ALLEN about Everyday Enlightenment. iKE is an Enlightenment Coach, Seminar Leader, and the founder of AVAIYA. AVAIYA creates positive films and courses such as The Truth About Prosperity, The Tao of Quantum Physics, A Course in Miracles The Movie, Leap! A Quantum Awakening, and more.

Devi and iKE discuss:

  • Everyday Enlightenment, defined
  • “Universal” truth and how it is affected by perception
  • How Perception creates reality
  • Asking the enlightening question of “What is my truth?”
  • “The Process” to enlightenment
  • Taking inspired action in alignment with your truth
  • “The longest journey back to the place you never left”
  • How to know what your truth is
  • The importance of tuning into the body
  • Everyday Enlightenment in daily business activities
  • How interpretations affect reality
  • The role of money in Everyday Enlightenment
  • How to use “the process” on the topic of money
  • Why ask “Why?”
  • The truth and transformation in “What is”
  • Helping others with their “process”
  • Planting the seeds for future change
  • Doing what is best for others in business
  • Divine inspiration
  • “The Holy Trinity” of Intellect, Inspiration, and Intuition
  • iKE’s transition from the restaurant business into the media industry
  • Putting “I” in the back of the bus and letting divinity drive
  • A typical day living “Everyday Enlightenment”
  • Flexible time freedom vs. unlimited time freedom
  • Getting present to “what is” in your business and staying present to it and moving forward

and more…

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Resources Mentioned:
Gay and Katie Hendricks
Mike Dooley
Gary Crowly
Dana Wilde
Joe Vitale

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