In this episode, Devi chats with Michele PW about Love-Based Copywriting for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of the “Love-Based Business” series of books that share how to sell more with love and build a solid, profitable business on a foundation of love. In addition, she owns a copywriting and marketing company along with writing and publishing fiction.

Devi and Michele discuss:

  • Direct Response Copy
  • Selling yourself “one to many” through copy
  • Love-Based Copy vs Fear-Based Copy
  • What emotions to tap into to persuade someone
  • Why some marketing feels inauthentic and slimy
  • The steps to take to persuade someone through your marketing
  • How to identify your ideal client
  • The difference between an ideal client vs. niche or target market
  • How to connect with your ideal client
  • The things we do to avoid pain in our lives
  • Feeling our fear-based emotions for healing
  • Why fear-based marketing can cause buyer’s remorse
  • The reason why fear-based marketing strategies are not working anymore
  • Knowing your mindset and your “come from”
  • The importance of “coming from” abundance in your copy and marketing
  • Exercises to help you to shift your fear-based emotions
  • Your public authentic persona and voice vs. your personal persona and when to use each one
  • What is important to know about long page sales letters
  • What people need in order to make a decision
  • The delivery mediums for love-based copy
  • Rituals that Michele uses for writing books & copy
  • Writing out who your ideal client is
  • How to get into a mindset of abundance before writing your copy

and more…

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