(Devi Download) Power Partners:
If you are finding it difficult to grow your business or find your perfect clients or you are doing it all yourself and realizing that some of what you are delivering in your business is not what you are wanting to offer…  Power Partners can really help!

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Remember, success in business is never achieved solo.

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Podcast Press (My Power Partner for Podcast Editing):  PodcastPress

Kajabi (My Power Partner for my Online Courses): Get a 15% Discount on Kajabi @ Kajabispecial.com

Libsyn (My Power Partner for Media Hosting):  Libsyn.com  Use the promo code LOVE when signing up and you’ll receive the rest of the current month and all of the next month for free.  Please read these offer details, before using the code
1. The promo code only works for a user’s first show with Libsyn. It does not work when adding a second or third show.
2. If users cancel their billing info in during the first partial month – then the account ends at the end of that month. If they want to cancel their billing info – they need to wait until after the first of the month for their full free month.
3. If the user changes their account level at all during the free period – it instantly kicks the account into payment mode – and they are charged per the prorated amount for that current month. So if they sign up with a $5 account then change it to the $20 account – the free period ends. Same if they downgrade – any change in billing levels kicks in billing.

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