In this Episode, Devi chats with Tina Mitchell about going from Triumph to Tragedy and Tragedy to Triumph.  You’ll also hear about Tina’s “One Time Your Business” signature system that has created extraordinary efficiency and results for so many Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Devi and Tina discuss:

  • Turning triumph into tragedy and tragedy into triumph
  • What you can expect on the other side of a big tragedy
  • Regaining your self-esteem and self-belief after tragedy
  • The Power of Perception
  • Tina’s Personal Core Practices that have moved her into the top 1% in her industry
  • Tina’s formula for happiness
  • The importance of having a dream, intention, and a plan
  • Being alert and witnessing the small surprises
  • Watching for the “gain”
  • Learning to prosper from failure
  • How to release shame
  • Fighting for your life or letting life take you down
  • Acceptance, accountability, and love for others and ourselves
  • “One Timing” Your Business
  • The benefits of challenges in our business
  • Embracing mistakes as a way to improve your business systems
  • Making small radical changes to take your business to the highest level of efficiency possible
  • The game changing exercise that will give you a quantum leap in your business
  • Taking control of your time, so that it doesn’t control you
  • Living your dream now
  • Visualizing the life that you want and knowing that it is waiting for you

and more…

More About Tina: Tina Michell has been in the mortgage industry for over 2 decades and has been recognized in the top 1% in the nationwide. She is owner and founder of Mortgage Triangle so ware available to mortgage professionals nationwide.

Tina is committed to the Real Estate community and has been awarded Partner Of The Year from Washington REALTORS, Media Of The Year from Sea le King County REALTORS and Member Of The Year from Women’s Council of REALTORS.

She is a radio personality and host of The Money Hour on 1150AM KKNW and is a speaker, coach, and author of “Journey With Me”.

Tina is most proud of her work with the homeless community, sharing her message of tragedy into triumph and how they too can live their dream now.

Tina’s personal motto is “Live Your Dream Now!”

Connect with Tina @ One Time Your Business

Resources Mentioned in this episode:
YouTube: Basketball with a Gorilla  and The Compound Effect by Dan Hardy

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