In this episode, Devi chats with Amanda Maria about channeling messages from the masters and fine tuning your body, energy and spiritual practices as a Master Channel.  Amanda has been featured as a leading Spiritual Expert on TV for her Energy Work. Amanda is a Master Channel, Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner, Transformation Coach and Mother of three who owns a Healing Private Practice. Amanda is a Master Channel who directly connects and trance channels the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, loved ones, and beings from the light to provide direct information about our World, The Universe, and life circumstances improving health, wealth, relationships, and love. She will profoundly shift YOU through healing, clearing, and activation on multiple levels mind, body, Spirit, by bringing in these higher energies to raise your frequency on a cellular level and conduct a DNA Reactivation. Amanda is an expert in Energy Work and Essential Oils and will teach you tools to bring Balance into your life and Relieve Stress.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Amanda’s journey into being a master channel
  • What is channeling
  • How to prepare for a channeling session
  • Being a divine bridge of light for whomever you are channeling for
  • Encapsulating your energy when you are channeling
  • The importance of grounding to keep the energy of channeling flowing
  • Physical & energetic practices to help with preparing your body for channeling
  • The power practices of Gratitude and Intention Setting
  • Cleansing and Anti-inflammatory superfoods to help your body
  • Speaking to your body and asking for the best assimilation of food
  • Developing a love relationship with your body to support you in your life practices
  • The magical healing properties of your body
  • The importance of not ignoring our body signals
  • Master Channeling
  • A message channeled by Amanda from Dr Wayne Dyer
  • The importance of managing your thoughts, which become your emotions and create your reality
  • The impact of participating in the energy that we don’t want to forward
  • The hours of a master channeler
  • Writing a book with the masters
  • Trance channeling
  • Processes for allowing higher frequencies to come through and guide your steps as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

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Legal Disclaimer: The “Channeling of Dr Wayne Dyer” as a “guest” in this episode is for entertainment purposes only.