In this episode, Devi chats with Wade Galt about the 4 Day Workweek, his God Equals Love Series, and creating 4 Dimensional Wealth & Fulfillment.

Devi & Wade have a great chat about: 

  • Doing what you love “on the side” vs. “full time”
  • “A-geographical” business
  • Working 4-Dimensionally
  • Working “for a cause” vs. “for other people”
  • Managing and Leading people vs. Leveraging people
  • How to create alignment in the “4 Dimensions” of Business & LIfe
  • How addiction is meeting a need with a mismatched dimension
  • The flow of nature and listening to when there is a lack of flow
  • The role of God in Wade’s business
  • 4 Dimensional Wealth
  • Intentional Service
  • Creative Visualization (Shakti Gwain)
  • Serving people “where we stand”
  • The 4 Day Workweek
  • How to motivate yourself to fulfill on a 4 Day Workweek
  • How to connect the physical and material world
  • The gift of having a 4 Day Workweek
  • What makes marriage last
  • Sacred Work vs. Soul Work
  • How to structure your 4 Day Workweek
  • Free Days, Buffer Days and Focus Days (Dan Sullivan)
  • How to set down an “open loop” or unfinished activity on Day 4 of a 4 Day Workweek
  • Tuning in and opening up to that voice within

More about Wade: 
 has written the GOD Equals Love book series to help people connect to the divinity within them, so that they receive guidance and support to create the life they most desire and to help them to love themselves and others the way the divine loves us.

• Wade helps Employees, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners create a sustainable 4-Day Work Week lifestyle.
• Some benefit from his books on life coaching, parenting & spirituality.
• Insurance Agency Owners follow his strategies Automate and Grow their businesses.

Wade has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology, and has been a Certified Integrative (Life) Coach with the (Debbie) Ford Institute.

Connect with Wade:
– You can start creating your 4-Day Work Week Game Plan for free at
– Get all God Equals Love books for free at
– Find Wade on LinkedIn@

Also mentioned in this episode:
Debbie Ford, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love