(Devi Download) What to Do When Self Care & Existing Commitments Collide

In this episode, Devi talks about what to do when your self care directly collides with your existing commitments in life and business.  Have you ever been moving along in your life and business and all of a sudden you have an urgent need for self care arise?  How do you manage balancing your self care with your commitments.  In this episode, Devi shares her most recent experience of this on her journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship and how she handled it.   

In this episode, Devi talks about:

  • The criteria she uses to make decisions between self care and existing commitments
  • How to add in self care pauses to help avoid self care conflict into the future
  • What is your criteria that you use to make decisions when your self care directly conflicts with your commitments in life and business
  • What are some of the ways that you bring self care into your regular habits in a way that has you feeling nurtured and supported on your journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship
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Take great care of yourself this week!  You deserve it!

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