In this episode, Devi chats with George R Adams about life and business lessons and Spiritual Entrepreneurship. This is an extra special episode, because George is Devi’s father.  Devi is so delighted to get to share one of her favorite people on the planet and one of her most important teachers in her life with you in this episode.

During this episode, Devi & George discuss:

  • The concept of “with what consciousness”
  • How we view our purpose in life and our relationship to one and other and the universe
  • The role that spirituality has played in George’s many roles in the world
  • What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur from George’s perspective
  • Creating your business plan and model for Spiritual Entrepreneurship
  • The concept of the body as an “instrument”
  • The purpose of meditation
  • The changeless reality
  • The oneness of the Universe
  • The “Noble Qualities” of who we are
  • Leading with Love
  • What George believes has been the cause of his successful 52 year marriage
  • The chapter of spirit
  • The impermanence of life
  • How to stay centered on your spiritual journey
  • Freemasonry
  • Creating a metaphor for life
  • Star Wars
  • The importance of having a spiritual teacher
  • Being in the flow
  • Divine scheduling
  • The concept of “tone”
  • Exercise for discovering your “unique ability”
  • The importance of authenticity and love
  • How to prepare for speech
  • How to memorize ritual
  • Speaking from the heart
  • Wealth preservation
  • Living the moment

More About George R Adams, JD:
George R. Adams started his journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship in the banking industry at Riggs National Bank in the capacity of Vice President and Trust Officer in charge of Personal and Institutional Business Development. George served in related capacities at Chevy Chase FSB and First National Bank of Maryland including President of Chevy Chase Securities, President of Chevy Chase Insurance Agency and Manager of Trust Administration and Business Development at Chevy Chase Trust Group and at the Greater Washington Trust Office of First National Bank of Maryland. He was President of Exeter Trust Corporation, a registered investment advisory firm. George has been an estate planning attorney for many years and is also a practicing Immigration Attorney in the Greater DC Metropolitan area. He is Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the District of Columbia, Provincial Grand Treasurer of the Royal Order of Scotland and Past Deputy of the Supreme Council, AASR in the United States of America. He is author of the book, Inner Journey to the East, and was recently awarded the title of Grand Cross which is the highest honor bestowed by the Supreme Council. George is a yogi, a minister, a family man, and an extraordinary Spiritual Entrepreneur. More recently, he has been teaching about Advanced Spiritual Self Mastery.

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