In this episode, Devi chats with Che’Lisa and Tim about living a mobile lifestyle as Spiritual Entrepreneurs, doing business as a conscious couple, and spiritual business practices for your life and business.  Che’Lisa and Tim have been on the Spiritual Entrepreneurial journey for quite some time together. They both live a shared mobile lifestyle and are partners in business in life. This very conscious couple speaks about their journey and share tips with the Spiritual Entrepreneur that they teach in their Soul Coaching business and use in operating their distributorship of Helo, a health and lifestyle wearable tracking technology.

Some of the topics covered in this episode, include:

  • The Two kinds of relationships
  • Living and working together in a “tiny house” motor coach
  • Freedom and sovereignty from choosing a mobile lifestyle
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Our bodies as a projection of our mind
  • The importance of honoring your body
  • A new paradigm for marriage
  • The feminine principle of informing, inviting and then giving space for accepting an offer
  • Your inner thinking and how it creates your abundance
  • The “Art of Revision”
  • Cultivating imagination
  • Loving a situation back to yourself
  • Keeping a balanced life through the values of health, deep intimate relationships, and money and finances
  • The effect of Spiritual Entrepreneurship on the consciousness of the world
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • The process that they went through to move into the mobile lifestyle
  • Systems for supporting their mobile lifestyle
  • Using your creative mind to create at least 10 solutions to any problem
  • and much more…

Have a Listen!

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