In this episode, Devi chats with Michelle Humphrey about the role of consciousness in Spiritual Entrepreneurship and how to create a thriving business that is in alignment with what makes you happy. Michelle is a leading authority on business growth and development for conscious business owners. As a business coach for over 17 years, she’s helped thousands of business owners around the world experience rapid growth and prosperity and she shares some of her secret tips to success in this episode. You don’t want to miss this one!

Some of the topics covered in this episode, include:

  • The role of consciousness in creating a thriving business
  • Staying out of the “how hole”
  • Connecting to your inner guidance system through muscle testing
  • “Will force” vs Universal Flow
  • GSP (Guided State of Presence) as a measure for living in higher levels of consciousness
  • Creating alignment in your relationship to prosperity and to time
  • The point at which you manifest
  • Creating progress in your business rapidly by doing your top optimal action every day
  • 10x-ing your business
  • Outsourcing
  • Creating Successful events
  • How long to give yourself to plan a successful event
  • Key members to have on your event team
  • Spiritual business practices for setting up and filling a live event
  • The gift of making decisions based on a “full body yes”
  • How to know when you are a “no”
  • Starting with the end in mind
  • Faith over facts
  • The role of your feelings in your success

and much more…  Have a Listen!

More about Michelle:

Michelle Humphrey is the creator of the powerful life changing “More Money, Less Work” program and the “Financial Stress Eliminator Blueprint”. Michelle is a Co-Star in the personal development film “Pass It On” and a #1 best selling author in the series “Wake Up And Live The Life You Love”.

Michelle has cracked the code on rapid results that up until now she only reserved for her most exclusive coaching clients. Today she’s on a mission to share these secrets that have allowed her to effortlessly double, triple, and then 10x her business, so that more people around the world can experience the immensely fulfilling lifestyle her and her clients experience every single day…

Michelle loves living in San Diego with her outstanding husband of 16 years John and their amazing 6 year old son John Robert.

Connect with Michelle: