In this episode, Devi chats with Christina Salerno about trailblazing your own path as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, living quirky, and how to harness your innate superpowers. Christina is a former professional Rockstar (seriously!) turned expert in Individuality, Mindset, and Creativity for people who think differently, break the mold, and are too extraordinary to fit into typical boxes. As the Founder of Living Quirky, and a Leadership Coach of Secret :: Lightning, her mission is to help you harness your innate superpowers and carve your own path to fulfillment. Honoring who you really are, not who everyone else thinks you should be. Through deep internal reflection and real world playful experiments, she pairs science + mysticism in order to awaken a more fully alive way of being. Yoda for your Mind. Alchemist for your Heart. Peter Pan for your Soul.

Some of the topics covered in this episode, include:

  • Christina’s journey from Rockstar to Leadership Coach
  • How to harness your innate superpowers
  • How to carve your own path to fulfillment
  • Creating sacred space, even if you live in a busy city like NYC
  • Practices to help you move energy, when you source a lot of people in your business
  • Sound advice for multi passionate Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Balancing Science and Mysticism
  • The “Journey of a Quirkster”
  • How being sensitive is “normal” for creative, multi passionate Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • How Christina booked over 200 gigs in one year as a Rockstar
  • Popping the “Coaching Bubble” in the Samurai Coaching Dojo
  • What Christina says creates success

and much more…

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Find more about Christina:  On her websites or or @SecretLightening or @SamuraiCoachingDojo