In this episode, Devi chats with Matthew Ferry about spiritual life hacks, advanced manifestation practices, spiritual success principles, and wealth alignment to help you on this journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship. 

During this episode, Devi and Matthew dive into:

  • Matthew’s personal journey of Spiritual Entrepreneurship
  • The power of recontextualization in every life or business endeavor
  • Lessons learned from the spiritual principle of “Attachment”
  • The power of coaching and accountability in goal attainment
  • What happens when you are courageous enough to speak”out loud” about the thing you want to do
  • Dipping your hand into the “River of Abundance” and what is available right now in the this moment
  • The “Placebo King” effect
  • Basic vs. advanced manifestation techniques
  • The Law of Attraction debunked
  • Secret success principles that Matthew learned from his hyper-successful coaching clients
  • How to let go of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty
  • The practice of total and complete acceptance
  • How to be in the most “allowing” state
  • Joy and it’s role in your life & business
  • The importance of scheduling
  • Powerhouse games of accountability that will shift your reality fast
  • How to make your life relevant and enjoyable
  • Wealth and spirituality myths
  • The gift in the things that “hammer” you in life
  • The “Success Paradox”
  • Powerful spiritual practices that Matthew and his wife Kristen do together on a daily basis
  • “Forceful Selling” vs. “Powerful Selling” and “Inspired Millionaires”
  • “Universal Reciprocity” vs. “Tit for Tat”
  • Where opportunities come from
  • How to have profound accelerating moments in your life
  • and more…

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Known for his unorthodox approach, Matthew Ferry is not your typical author, speaker and coach.  He is a revealer, illuminator & awakener whose point of view creates instant transformation in peoples lives. As a global thought leader in personal transformation, Matthew Ferry has penned powerful books and life-changing training programs including The Mental Journey to Millions, The Truth Virus, Ridiculous Bliss and Transforming Fear Into Action.

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