In this episode, Devi chats with Joey Chandler who owns “You Are Video” company about answering the age old question of “Do I matter?”.  Joey’s company creates “You Are” videos, that literally let the viewer know “who they are” from the people in their community.  This service has provided some extraordinary insights for Joey and given him the perspective that we are much more than we think we are.  Devi and Joey discuss the power of acknowledgement and what it takes to really hear “who you are” for people.  Joey also shares a great new practice for wishing people “Happy Birthday” and some wonderful insights and stories about what he has discovered in the process of making these videos for his clients.

In this episode, you’ll also learn about Joey’s most recent product offering “You are emails”, where his clients receive daily emails to help them embody another aspect of their own greatness.  Each email acknowledges some aspect of the person receiving the message in a “You are…” statement.  Then, the email asks the questions:

  • Where have you expressed this quality in your life?
  • Who do you know in your life that expresses this quality?
  • How can you apply this quality to your life or a goal that you have

Devi hopes that you will be as inspired as she was from sharing in this very special mission that Joey’s company has.  Have a listen!

You can find more about Joey Chandler and his company “You Are Videos” at:  & you can sign up to receive “You Are Emails” via text if you want, as well:  Just text YOU to 66866 and you can get going.