In this episode, Devi chats with Kelley Grimes about self-nurturing and the impact that it can have on our life experiences and the pathway to success as Spiritual Entrepreneurs.  Kelley Grimes, MSW, is a counselor, author, speaker, self-nurturing expert, and founder of Cultivating Peace and Joy. She is passionate about empowering overwhelmed and exhausted individuals to live with more peace, joy, and meaning through the practice of self-nurturing. She believes in nurturing peace in the world from the inside out. She also teaches self-nurturing to women overcoming domestic violence, homelessness and other major life challenges at local non-profits. She is married to an artist, has two empowered daughters, and loves singing with a small women’s group.

You can learn more about Kelley and her work at and download your free Self-Nurturing Mobile App with daily inspirations and reminders to nurture yourself.